Another Miracle: Big Man Becoming Small - To Do Big Things!


Another Miracle Happened Here!


Goal: $14,000 – Received: $28,000

Goal: One Home – Miracle: Two Homes


Two Homes – 50 Children – A Whole Year

(Children Should Always Be in a Safe Place)


The Tragedy 


The children come from homes where they see violence, sexual abuse, drug addiction and despair.  The only hope, joy, and love they experience is within safe warm homes.  


Safe Haven, A Mere Window of Time 


Ages 3-7, from morning till evening they are safe – then they go back to their dysfunctional “home” for the evening – it is the law – doesn’t make sense, but it is the law in Israel they go back in the evening.


Basic Things


From learning to wash their hands, brushing their teeth, combing their hair, to eating food on a regular basis, and not being afraid of an adult, experiencing God’s love – all these basic things are new to the children. 


Two Homes – 50 Children – One Whole Year


Because of your love and generosity Israel Today Ministries was able to provide food for two homes, a total of 50 children.  The boys and girls (Jewish and Arab) will have food for a whole year. 


A Miracle Can Happen


At Hanukkah the Jews recite "A Great Miracle Happened Here!" There are10 homes with 25 children in each home. Who knows? Maybe one day ITM will be able to provide a miracle of an 11th home in order that more children can be safe -- with God all things are possible.


Our board will be discussing ideas regarding practical ways we can represent God's love to the children and their families. 


Respect Has Been Earned 


The director is very open and asked me (ITM) to help with ideas how to improve their program with the children.


**It has taken10 years of working consistently, and feeding children in Israel – our reputation has now earned the respect needed – More great things to come! Your prayers and gifts really do make a difference and have eternal significance.  


May God continue to open doors for profound ministry as together we bless God’s ancient people Israel!


Merry Christmas to all our ITM Family!


Until He comes, we are
Together Under His Wings,


Jeffrey D. Johnson