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Psalm 91

Psalm 91 speaks of God’s protection from dangers and things like plagues. The Talmud refers to Psalm 91 as “The Song of Plagues”(Shev Shema'tata 15b). This psalm might have been sung by two people antiphonally – there is a profound paused ending where God speaks in verses 14-16. This psalm is read in the synagogue on Saturday mornings and at the close of the evening services on Saturday night and at funeral services. I...

First Century Worship

Twenty-first century worship does not look like first century worship.  C.S. Lewis said, “The perfect church service would be one we were almost unaware of; our attention would have been on God” (Letters to Malcom: Chiefly on Prayer, Glasgow: Collins & Sons, 1964, 6).  Paul told Timothy to guard the deposit of faith given (1 Tim. 6:20).

Early believers centered their worship around the temple, or...

The Oxford Report   As the oldest university in the English-speaking world, Oxford has a mystic atmosphere.  There is no clear date of a beginning, however, it existed in some form in 1096, and developed swiftly from 1167, when Henry II banned English students from attending the University of Paris.   Alums    Oxford’s alumni produced 27 British Prime Ministers, at least 30 international leaders, 50 Nobel Prize winners, and 120 Olympic medal...

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Rosh Hashanah (Leviticus 23:23-25) - Yom Kippur (Leviticus 16:29, 30; 23:26-32)

Rosh Hashanah – New Year

The Jewish New Year, falls on the Hebrew calendar dates of 1 and 2 Tishrei. The Jewish calendar date begins at sundown of the night beforehand. Thus, all holiday observances begin at sundown on the secular dates listed, with the following day being the first full day of the holiday. Jewish calendar dates conclude at...

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Purim (Book of Esther)

Courage, Faith, Petitions

Every Purim in late winter, early spring, the Jewish people remember the story of Esther – this year Purim is celebrated beginning the evening of February 28, and ending the evening of March 1....

Is Hanukkah the Jewish Christmas?

The Enemy

        In 168 B.C., the Syrian emperor Antiochus came from the north and defeated Egypt.  During the process of celebrating his victory he was pressured by Rome to withdraw. In his anger at this reversal, he directed his resentment towards, and made a swath through, the land of the Jews.  He set out to destroy Judaism making any observance of the Jewish religion illegal.  It is...

True or False?

The Church is the “New Israel.”

The Abrahamic Covenant blessings are for the Church.

Supersessionism (super-session-ism)

“Supersessionism” is the belief that the New Testament covenant supersedes the Mosaic covenant of the Hebrew Bible, and that the Christian Church has displaced Israel as God's chosen people –  Radical forms of supersessionism are manifested in militant...

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Four Tassels

“You shall make tassels (Heb. gadil, twisted thread, or tassel) on the four corners (Heb. kanaf, plural – kanafot) of the garment with which you cover yourself” (Deut. 22:12).

This is the command to wear a prayer shawl (Heb. tallit).  Immediately following the commandment of the tallit, the Torah states, “I the LORD am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God” (Numb.15:41), thus, linking...