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ACLU, Ten Commandments & Israel

A few years ago a town in the US had a problem with erecting the Ten Commandments in a park – something to do with the ACLU.  Anyway, in the area of Ariel (north central Israel) community leaders were asked if they wanted this stone replication of the guidelines God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai.

Arab Spring: Great Hope, or Anti-Semitic?

Tunisia (where it began):  The Islamist Ennahda Movement won enough seats to set agendas.  The general secretary Hammadi Jebali declared “the liberation of Tunisia will, God willing, bring about the liberation of Jerusalem.”

Libya:  Terrorist groups have looted Ghadaffi’s regime’s weapons from his arsenal.

Egypt:  The central government as lost control of the Sinai and Israeli officials worry that the 1979 peace treaty is threatened.

You Made This Happen!

Dr. Jeff giving check to Ygal Levi, Director of Social Welfare in S'derot for Keren Orr.

You Made This Possible!

Your prayers empowered us and your gifts have provided $13,000 for 3,250 meals for children in S’derot.  And some of you donated to care for all the financial logistics necessary for such a profound ministry advance.

Together we continue to move forward blessing God's ancient people Israel - for such an hour as this!

15 Seconds Before Death

Photo: Dr. Jeff In Bomb Shelter

If you dare watch the video below...

The last several years Israel Today Ministries has blessed children in Sederot, Israel, just North East of Gaza, with urgently needed meals.  It is estimated that somewhere between 5,000 to 8,000 rockets have exploded in this city. 

Hamas is relentless in firing deadly missiles into Israel - into this city of 30,000 people. Recently, in April Hamas launched an anti-tank missile hitting a school bus in Israel, injuring two including a child.  The 16-year-old boy was airlifted to Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba.

Turn Aside and See

Ohio Evenings


When I was a little boy I would lie down on the grass and look up at the stars.  I can still feel the cool autumn Ohio evenings as I marveled at the glorious display of a sparkling sidereal sky.  I would talk to God and now and then see a shooting star and believed that he was responding to my prayers. It was my way of searching for God. Later, I would come to faith believing that Jesus was God who died and rose again on the third day.  

Does God Suffer? Chaos in Paradise

The last few years we have found ourselves in a position to minister to and comfort those who have lost their homes in northern Israel being victims of rockets launched from Hezbollah’s lair in Lebanon; to families who lost their children in suicide bombings; and school children who race to bomb shelters when they hear the “red color” sirens sounding the alarm that Hamas in Gaza fired more rockets into their town – because of the stress and fear the children wet their beds and rock back and forth while sitting not even realizing they are doing this motion. They have nightmares; parents weep and struggle because they have no money to buy food. Holocaust survivors live in poverty within the walls of Israel. And now the new threat of the so-called Arab Spring with the change of power and the emboldened nefarious leader of Iran clanging his swords at Israel creates another level of stress and suffering. Does God feel this suffering and fear?