A Different Standard

Moving Mountains

Since 2002 and God is still moving mountains for Israel Today Ministries!  Thousands of meals provided and we are seeing the harvest of God’s ancient people believing and trusting in their Messiah. 

In This Part of the World

Working in this part of the world takes time, precious time to measure success.  It is easy to measure success by American church standards for example:  How are your financials; how many souls trusted in Christ; how many do you have on staff; how big is your church?  All valid questions in their context, however – you knew there was going to be a however – Israel Today Ministries operates with a different standard of measure:

The Standard is Different

  1. We work with and empower believers in the Holy Land.
  1. Our outposts are in Tel Aviv, Galilee, West Bank and Jerusalem (including the Negev). We partner with congregations, and individuals who live in the Holy Land.  
  1. I have known these congregations and individuals for many years. 
  1. These believers, both Jewish and Arab, sacrifice - literally sacrifice, at times putting their lives on the line. 
  1. They live in communities who do not want them living in their neighborhoods.  Some are rejected employment because of the their faith.  Some have been physically threatened by knifepoint, gun,  and bomb.  Others are beaten up, some live in poverty, yet, from their poverty, they give liberally (2 Cor. 8:1, 2).
  1. Success in the Middle East is measured by faithfulness, love, and living in a way that mirrors the Lord.
  1. ITM operates as a faith-base organization.  Simply, we rely upon your gifts and prayers – God uses you, your prayers and donations to bring a meal and love God’s ancient people in the name of Yeshua (Jesus).