Four Tassels, Rockets

Four Tassels

“You shall make tassels (Heb. gadil, twisted thread, or tassel) on the four corners (Heb. kanaf, plural – kanafot) of the garment with which you cover yourself” (Deut. 22:12).

This is the command to wear a prayer shawl (Heb. tallit).  Immediately following the commandment of the tallit, the Torah states, “I the LORD am your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt to be your God” (Numb.15:41), thus, linking this commandment to the Exodus.

Rashi (1040 – 1105, a revered Jewish theologian) suggests that the corners of the tallit are indicated in a verse describing the Exodus: “I carried you on the wings (Heb. kanaf) of eagles.(Ex. 19:4).  The word kanaf, “wing,” can also mean “corner.” Why the four corners?  Rashi illuminates that they relate to the four statements of redemption that is coupled with the Exodus: “I will bring you out… I will save you… I will redeem you… I will take you” (Ex. 6:6, 7).

Hem of His Garment

This is why the woman touched the hem (Gr. Kraspedon, meaning, tassel, fringe, border/corner) of the Lord’s tallit (prayer shawl), because she believed the prophet Malachi’s words, when he stated, that the Messiah will come with healing in His wings (Heb. Kanaf, corners of the prayer shawl).

Gathering and Messiah

The four corners of the tallit don’t just connect the Jews to their past redemption in the Exodus, but to their future redemption with Messiah. The Rabbis believe in the messianic era God will gather the Jews from the “four corners (kanfot) of the world” (ISA. 11:12), corresponding to the four corners of the tallit (Num. 15:38).

Going Back

Jews are returning back to the Land given to them by God – just as the prophets foretold.  And, their enemies are angry and are trying to eradicate the Jewish nation.  Fortunately, they will fail.  However, a recent rocket attack in S’derot reminds us that until Messiah comes, there will be war, hatred, murder, carnage – such as we see daily on the news. 

Our children we feed are in the line of fire as these rockets from Hamas land within Israel.  Please pray for the children’s safety as this crisis escalates. 

Help us feed the kids – more rockets are likely to fall from the sky. 

If you are one of our faithful ITM Covenant Partners, I personally want to thank you, acknowledge you, and to appreciate you. You empower us to help the children and Holocaust survivors.

I pray that all who read this update will be deeply moved, and become an agent in blessing God’s ancient people through Israel Today Ministries!


Until He comes, we are

Together Under His Wings,

Dr. Jeff