Jabez: Four Challenges

Jabez: Four Challenges

First Chronicles 1-9 is punctuated by four clear narratives:

a.   4:9, 10:  Jabez asking God to enlarge his borders.

b.  4:39 – 43: Simeonites seized Meunite and Amalekite territory and exterminated the population.

c&d. 5: 9,10 & 5:18-22:  These two stories are separated by a brief Gadite genealogy listing, but together connects a story in which a combined force of Reubenites, Gadites, and Manassites attacked and conquered Hagrite territory (Jordan).


Jabez stands in contrast to his brethren.  The brothers each gained land by different means. The Simeonites of chapter 4, by fighting for it; the Reubenites of chapter 5, by fighting for it and in the process after, asking God to help them in the fight; however, Jebez, was “more honorable than his brothers.” 

Jabez, wanted to acquire additional land at no one’s expense.  He did not want to cause, or suffer pain to himself or others with scheming, manipulation, and slick aggressive posturing, running ahead of God. Being more honorable, he simply asked God for additional land. – God granted his request.


Israel Today Ministries’ standards are high.  From our beginning in 2002 our focus is to teach scripture and feed people with needed food, and provide bible related educational material for children, both, Jews and Arabs.

We do not used slick promotions, or manipulative methods of raising funds. We simply ask God for the “enlarged border” needed.  And at times we share our specific needs with our ITM family and friends.

In the last few years (as of this writing, August 1, 2016) ITM has provided approximately a quarter-of-a-million dollars for humanitarian relief in Israel and the West Bank, for families, children, and Holocaust survivors. Of this amount, $101,900 has been used towards helping children.


We fulfill the Abrahamic Covenant (Genesis 12:1-3; Romans 15:17) in practical and profound ways through humanitarian relief and teaching Scripture.

We do a great deed and bless the children of Abraham by providing meals, biblical educational materials, so they may experience the love of Messiah in word and deed. It works!


Thank you for standing with us in these most uncertain times in which we live.  We want to be honorable like Jabez, and to simply ask God for the increase. 

Will you pray with us, and ask, what He would have you do, in helping us feed the children, and Holocaust survivors while there is yet time? Simply offer up your prayers and give sacrificially for the honor of blessing Israel.

Time is short, Life is precious and Jesus is coming soon.

May God bless you in profound ways!


Until He comes, we are

Together Under His Wings,

Dr. Jeff

Israel Today Ministries

PO Box 150288

Arlington, Texas 76015