Let's Do It Again!

Let's Do It Again! Hanukkah/Christmas Project:  Feed Israel's Children

*  10 homes

*  25 Children per home

*  2 hot meals, 1 sumptuous snack

*  Sheltered from poverty & violence

*  $14,000 annually

Above the children are thanking Dr. Jeff for their meals.  The cost to feed each child is $520 - $560 per year depending on the exchange rate.  That comes to $10 - $12 per week to feed one child.  

Your partnership enables us to provide thousands of meals for Jewish and Arab children within the Middle East.  To share the love of Yeshua (Jesus) in this way is effective.  

Help a child in need - your gifts have eternal significance!

Until He comes, we are
Together Under His Wings,

Dr. Jeff