"He Made the Stars Also": Messianic Reflections

"He Made the Stars Also": Messianic Reflections
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Christians owe a debt to the Jew. Through the Jews came the Scriptures, the Messiah—the Lord Jesus—and the Church. This being true, it would make sense for Christians to gain an understanding of the Jewish roots of their faith. "He Made the Stars Also" addresses the Jewish Roots of Christianity covering various theological themes. This compilation of articles has circulated throughout the country with Dr. Johnson's Research Review and teaching letters. Pastors, Bible teachers, Jewish people and Christians in general have benefited from these sound bytes of pertinent information regarding Israel, prophecy and the Jewish roots of Christianity.

What Other Christian Leaders Say about Dr. Jeffrey Johnson

"I am pleased to recommend him to churches as an able expositor of the Word of God."

The late John Walvoord, Chancellor, Dallas Theological Seminary

"A Bible Expositor with special insights on the origin, nature and destiny of God's chosen people, Israel."

John C. Whitcomb, Bible Scholar, Author, Professor

"He has a wonderful grasp of Jewish history and liturgy."

Edgar C. James, Professor, Moody Bible Institute


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