Song of Songs

Song of Songs - Dr. Jeffery Johnson
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Dr. Jeffrey D. Johnson is a humanitarian, educator, author and President of Israel Today Ministries. He is a popular speaker and teacher in churches, conferences, congregations and colleges throughout the United States and the world. He received his MA from Moody Bible Institute, and his PhD from Louisiana Baptist University. His doctoral work also included research from the University of South Africa. Dr. Johnson has lectured at Harvard University on the Middle East, and taught a class on Judaism at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and as an adjunct professor teaches Systematic Theology at a local bible college in Arlington, Texas. Dr. Johnson also has radio programs with various stations. Based in Arlington, Texas, Dr. Johnson, along with Israel Today Ministries, is dedicated to providing educational material, and humanitarian relief to thousands in need, within Israel and surrounding territories, and educating Gentile believers on the Jewish roots of Christianity. Several weeks (months) each year you will find Dr. Johnson in Israel, the West Bank, and throughout the Middle East.

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