Shoshanna: Siblings Flayed by Nazis


This is Shoshanna (Rose), 94 years old.  She shared her story with us as she showed us her number that the Nazis tattooed on her arm.

During World War II, Shoshanna, then 21 years old, was taken to the concentration camp in Auschwitz, Germany.   She ended up weighing 50 pounds.

Evil Things

The SS Nazi soldiers beat her, raped her, tied her down on the floor and stepped on her stomach.  They made her eat feces and did a myriad of evil things to her, physically, emotionally and in other ways.  I asked her, “How did you survive? How could you forgive?” Her eyes sharpened, her brow set, she said, “Adonai helped me.”  My eyes filled with tears realizing that her faith, during this hell remained strong in the Lord God.   


Her parents were killed in the camps, and her sibling’s skin was flayed, and ripped off their bodies. Their mangled corpses were used to make soap – yes, I said, were used to make soap, for the all prisoners in the camp.

A Noble Thing

ITM assists in providing food for Holocaust survivors like Shoshanna.

As I listened to her trembling voice, and as I beheld her eyes that saw so much evil, and as I held her delicate hand, I kissed her cheek. 

As I was in her presence, I remembered the words of the Lord, “Inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me” (Matt. 25:40).

I realized, at that moment, I was touching, feeding and listening to Jesus.

Beloved, together we do a noble thing.  We feed the young and the old.  And when we do, we are blessing Israel in a profound effective, and simple way – by providing needed food, and manifesting the love of Messiah, in deed and in word.

Thank you for empowering Israel Today Ministries to stand in the gap.  We cannot do this without you – your gifts do have eternal significance!

Until He comes, we are

Together Under His Wings,

Dr. Jeff