Tones of a Mother: Tradition, Shavuot, Pentecost

Tones of a Mother

The crescent moon glistened high above the Mediterranean Sea, a warship was patrolling the coastline, and within ear range I heard the tender tones of a mother telling the story of her days as a youth to her teenage daughter.  The mother ended up chatting with me explaining her conversation. 

She grew up in the area upon the mountain of the prophet (Elijah, Mount Carmel) and was passing on the heritage of her youth to her daughter.  A few moments latter an elderly woman with the scars of time written on her face, and eyes that narrowed with wisdom and experience appeared.  She was the grandmother.  Therefore, Grandmother chimed in on the conversation admitting she was always pleased that her daughter played on these steep foothills of the mountain, and how beautiful it was back then without the highways, houses and press of people.  She told me that her father in 1929 moved to the area.  The wide-eyed teenage granddaughter was smiling with pride listening to her mother and grandmother speaking of the rich heritage she was learning. 

Passing it Forward

I thought how appropriate it was to teach about heritage, history, and tradition on this day.  You see, today is Shavuot, or Pentecost.  The holiday is celebrated this year on June 8, 9, & 10. This was the day Moses received the Word of God from Mount Sinai.  It is considered the birthday of Judaism.  It is also the day the Holy Spirit descended upon those in the upper room thus birthing the Church (Acts 2). 

Shavuot, or the Feast of Pentecost, is one of the seven feasts described in Leviticus 23.  Originally, Shavuot was an agricultural feast.  Historically, the Jews would celebrate by reading the Books of Exodus focusing on the receiving of the Law, and the Book of Ruth because of her devotion to the Law of God. Today, this tradition is still in vogue.  Thousands in Jerusalem, after studying the Scriptures all night, will trek to the Western Wall, and as the sun rises recite a morning liturgical prayer.  It is an amazing holiday to experience.  Within the Messianic community, you will find great celebration during Shabbat services with teaching, preaching, dancing, singing and animated expression of joy. 

I thought how wonderful it was for this mother and grandmother to rehearse their heritage with the younger generation – teaching her to remember why they believe what they believe – and why they live how they live (Deut. 6:3-9). 

Tell it Over, and Over Again

The Church has a phenomenal story and history, beginning on the Day of Shavuot – from the Law of Moses to the Spirit of God – giving life to those who believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, trusting in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus of Nazareth, for redemption through His shed blood on Calvary.

It is bigger than a denominational bent, or a political preference, or a national DNA.  The story of redemption goes back millennia – God’s love for man has been demonstrated over and over again, ultimately culminating in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ. 

May believers in God’s Messiah tell their children and children’s children about their heritage that comes from God.  Keep the tradition of Shavuot alive and tell the story of God’s love & provision over, and over again

Count On You

Your prayers, encouragement and gifts give us the tools to help feed the 1 in 3 children going hungry tonight in Israel.  Keep on, never give up, and thank you for partnering with us as we share the story of redemption with Abraham’s seed – we count on you!


Until He comes, we are

Together Under His Wings,

Dr. Jeff