Why Israel Today Ministries exists

Feeding kids

One out of three kids within Israel are living in poverty. We provide urgently needed food and educational material for the children.

Feeding Holocaust Survivors

One out of four Holocaust survivors in Israel live in poverty. 

Teaching Scripture

Dr. Jeff teaches scripture from a Jewish perspective and speaks in churches, colleges, and venues large and small.  Schedule Dr. Jeff to speak at your event contacting him at ITMDRJEFF@gmail.com

An Exceptional Organization

Israel Today Ministries shares Messiah’s love to Israel and to all people. I.T.M. is an exceptional Christian organization dedicated to excellence in building bridges of understanding between Jewish and Christian communities.

You can make a difference by partnering with us through your prayers for, and your gifts to, Israel Today Ministries. 

Doing a Great Deed

 When you give, you know you have done a great deed. You help us reach thousands of people giving them hope.

Each gift small or large counts in a profound way. Always remember when you bless Israel, God said, you will be blessed (Gen. 12:1-3; Matt. 25:40) – your gifts are greatly needed in this urgent hour – thank you for giving hope to God’s ancient people! Your gifts have eternal significance!

Thousands of children and Holocaust survivors have received a meal from Israel Today Ministries. 

Help us feed more kids and survivors by becoming a sustaining partner today - you will be blessed!








 “Our financials are compiled by a third party CPA firm.  Copies are available upon request.”