You Made This Happen!

Dr. Jeff giving check to Ygal Levi, Director of Social Welfare in S'derot for Keren Orr.

You Made This Possible!

Your prayers empowered us and your gifts have provided $13,000 for 3,250 meals for children in S’derot.  And some of you donated to care for all the financial logistics necessary for such a profound ministry advance.

Together we continue to move forward blessing God's ancient people Israel - for such an hour as this!

¾ Mile from Gaza’s Rockets

Teens and children who come from troubled homes, abusive homes, or simply do not have parental supervision receive food, counseling for post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of the bombings, and most importantly they receive love and security from Keren Orr – the organization we have helped.  And now, because of your gifts, these children will be exposed to the gospel and love from Christians.

Who Do You Choose?

Keren Orr is located only ¾ mile from the border of Gaza.  I was told that when the siren goes off warning that a rocket is coming some of the children do not have enough time (15 seconds) to find a bomb shelter.

One father told me when the siren goes off and either he, or his wife is at home alone with their four little ones they have to choose who to carry and who will run to the shelter – in other words, who may get exposed to the rocket fire and who will find shelter in time.  How frightening!

War is Coming!


The adults tell us that today there is a false calm – that tomorrow war is coming from Libya, Egypt, Syria & Iran.  They refer to Ezekiel 38 & 39 – the war of Gog & Magog.  Israel is preparing – may God help the American Christian to see with their eyes & hearts what is truly going on in the Middle East!

Forever Connected

We are now forever connected to these children and teenagers– out of gratitude they made us a thank you gift with our name and some photos of the ones you have blessed through your gifts.

We have a lot of work to do and many more people to reach with the message of God’s redeeming grace.

Thank you for standing with Louise and me & Israel Today Ministries – God truly used you to make this possible – may He bless you in similar manner (Genesis 12:3)!

Until He comes, we are
Together Under His Wings,

Jeffrey D. Johnson

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